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Would you like to join our auto ship program ? This way, you receive your biltong every month, customized the way you like it, without having to place an order. It is FREE to join and you can cancel at any time. Call us at 1-800-BILTONG or email us at customerservice@800biltong.com and we will call you to get the details. There are benefits to you when you join.

See what our auto ship customers say:

Natalie K.... I've been a regular 1800biltong customer for 3 years now, and I've been on the auto ship plan only for the last year. I think its great, it works well, my credit card gets charged for the exact amount at the correct time of the month. I love it, saves me so much time, it just arrives and my 2 kids and hubby get stuck into it and scoff it down. It is so convenient as I always forget to go online or I get distracted by the kids. The auto ship plan take care of it for me. Love it! 

Ben A (winner of the 2016/2017 year-end LOTTO) ... the auto ship plan is wonderful for me, it arrives on time, exactly the way I like it, my card is kept securely and is hit once a month, and best of all, since I won the biltong lottery, I stay on the plan but get the biltong for free, every month. It does not get better than that. BA, Philadelphia

Mark G....I've been getting biltong here for the past 24 months automatically shipped monthly. The service is consistent and reliable, and the 'tong, and 'wors is just 'lekker smaak'!

Dave M.....Thank you for instituting the automatic shipping program, one that I find very convenient for me as I used to have to come to your webpage and order as and when I needed some of nature’s gift to man – South African biltong. Often I would forget and curse when I went to my “stash” to find ‘No More Biltong!’ Therefore taking the worry and concern upon your shoulders is a reliable service that I fully intend to stay with. I find it’s very flexible also as I have had to delay scheduled shipments in the past as I was planning to be away. No problem, you and your staff have accommodated every request and the delayed shipment arrives on the new date, just in time to avoid “biltong withdrawal’. Thank you for the time-saving service.